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Electrical Contractor's Office

A comprehensive electrical software package for Electrical Contractors

Includes the following software (Click to view)

Form Filling - BS 7671 18th Edition Amendment 2, BS 5839-6: 2019, BS 5839-1: 2017, BS 5266-1: 2016, PAT Certificates

Health and Safety

And a lot more

Form Filling Simplified - Click to view in detail

Create fully BS compliant certification (BS 7671 18th Edition Amendment 2, BS 5839, BS 5266, PAT) quickly and efficiently. 

The software includes the following features to speed up form filling:

  • NEW: BS 7671 18th Edition Amendment 2 Certificates

  • BS 7671 18th Ed (Amd1) EV Charging Point Forms -Click to view in detail

  • Circuit Template Wizard for BS 7671 Certs (see image below).

  • Sign All button  Fill  all name, position, signature, date, and company address details in a single click.
    Click for video      Click for screenshot

    -click to view longer video below (includes information on how email the form as a PDF, and how to create a digital signature) 

  • Contractor Database with auto signature insertion

  • Auto fill circuit numbers

  • Option to add data from individual manufacturers with own overcurrent protection values.

  • Populate single phase or 3-phase circuits quickly to certificate.

  • Auto calculates Max Zs values

  • Speed fill inspection schedule and observations.

  • Dropdown boxes for continuity/insulation resistance in Test Results

What's new in 18th Edition Amendment 2?

Shorter Inspection Schedule

The Electrical Installation Certificate is now much more compact, due to a much shorter Inspection Schedule.  This reduces the size of the 1 signature EIC form from 6 pages to 4 pages.

We have given you the option of adding the full Inspection Checklist to the certificate if you wish.  (see red text in image below)

Additional RCD columns

18th Edition Amendment 2 introduced additional RCD columns for BS (EN), Type and Rating.  This necessitated switching the orientation of the page to landscape.  We have managed to retain 24 way boards though, by moving the Codes for Type of Wiring to the right side of the page.  This will help reduce the need for continuation sheets.


Time Saving Form Features

Add your company logo automatically

Stores electronic signatures for all of your staff

Sign All button - complete all name, position, signature, date, and company address details in a single click.

Client and Site Database

Calculate Maximum Zs values

Merge Continuation Sheets and Sub Board pages into main cert.

Save forms to cloud

Email PDF certificates to your customers

Certificates included in software

BS 7671 18th Edition Amendment 2 Certificates  Click to view

BS 5839-6: 2019 and BS 5839-1: 2017 Certificates

BS 5266-1: 2016 Certificates  

+ Portable Appliance Test Sheets

+ Electrical Equipment Formal Visual and Combined Inspection And Test Record


Health and Safety RAMS Risk Assessment Creator

Click to view in detail

Click to view a sample risk assessment project.  (PDF download)

Contains a wide selection of risk assessment templates to allow you to quickly produce a professional looking site risk assessment document to email to your clients as PDF or print out.


  • Over 80 risk assessment templates to help you create a risk assessment pack fast.

  •  a matrix system to enable you to better illustrate risks before and after applied methods to reduce risk

  • PPE and COSHH requirements for the job

  • Ability to add signature to risk assessments

  • Risk Assessments includes information on person(s) responsible and those at risk.

  • Convert selected risk assessments into PDF to email to client.

  • Plus Staff Health and Safety Instruction Sheets and General Health and Safety Documentation

Risk assessment example (PDF Download)

Also included:
  • Estimating   Rapid Estimating System, Site Labour Cost  Calculator, Standard Price Costing Sheets, Estimate Documents and Material Grouping Sheets

  • Office Letters and Docs  Suppliers, accounts, client and employers correspondence

  • Job Management  Control jobs from enquiry stage, costing out, quotation letters, job sheets, invoices and bad debt chasing letters.
    Plus O and M Manuals, customer correspondence and formal contracts correspondence

  • Company Policies and Admin  Plant and Tool Management - Customer Complaints Policy and Letters - Environmental Policy - Equal Opportunities Policy - Health and Safety Policy - Company Profile Information Sheet - Premises Health and Safety Information Sheet - Site Health and Safety Information Sheet 

  • Advanced Electrical Designing Includes XLPE SWA, Single Core and TW&E Cable Sizing calculators:
    Plus: Conduit Sizing, Trunking Sizing, Load Diversity Calculator and other useful features

Can I try out the software first?

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Prerequisites for installing “Electrical Contractor's Office” software
Microsoft Office 2007 or above needs to be loaded on the computer system(s)

Compatible with Windows computers including Windows 11.

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