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Electrical Contractor's Office

Company Policies and Admin Module


Company Plant and Tools Inspection Sheets

Sheets to control and record the routine inspection of test instruments, tools and plant.

  • Plant and major tools control sheet

  • Portable appliances record sheet

  • Portable appliance test sheet

  • Ladders

  • Plant hired

  • Plant

  • Stepladders

  • Test instruments

  • Tools

  • Vehicles leased

  • Vehicles

 Company Health and Safety Policy

Template set up for the contractor to construct a company health and safety policy.

 Company Profile Information Sheet

Template to construct a company information sheet


 Customer Complaints Policy

A set of forms and letters to control customer complaints

  • Company customer complaint policy

  • Complaint control sheet

  • Complaint acknowledgement letter

  • Complaint letter acceptance of remedial work

  • Complaint final letter

  • Letter rejecting the complaint

 Company Environmental Policy

Template for the contractor to construct a company environmental policy.

 Company Equal Opportunities Employment Policy

Template to construct a company equal opportunities policy