Step 1.

Click here to download Trial           
Step 2. Click Run, Open or Save File.
Step 3.

The software installs a Holly Tree icon onto the desktop. 

Click the Holly Tree Icon to launch the software. 

Step 4.

If the software fails to open:

a) Ensure you have Microsoft Office installed on a Windows machine.

b)  Also check your computer is set up correctly:

Right click on the ECO launch icon (green holly tree)
Choose Open With from the menu.
Choose Microsoft (R) Application Host
If you can't see Microsoft (R) Application Host, click Browse
Click Local Disk C:, Windows folder, System32.
Then scroll through the long list of folders and files, until you come to mshta. 
Click on mshta and then click Open.
Tick the box that says "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file.
Click OK.
The software should launch now.

If you are still having difficulties, please email us for further help

Email:  sales@hollycroftsoftware.co.uk or call 07333 892 770

Step 5.  When you first open a form, you will get a message about allowing Visual Basic.  You will need to click to enable the macros in order to operate our software.

To avoid getting the message about macros you will need to follow the Setup Instructions link relevant to the version of Microsoft Office you are using.