Backup/Restore/Import Files button in ECO toolbar in Add-ins ribbon. 

Backs up/Restores your:
  • Company logo
  • Contractor details
  • Custom circuit details
  • Signatures
  • Client and Site details.
  • Custom dropdown box values

You can backup with one click to your hard disk, or a cloud location such as a OneDrive folder, e.g.  C:\Users\[username]\OneDrive\Hollycroft Backup Files

Note: When restoring data, the backup will replace all of the data listed above that are currently on your machine.

Importing to a new machine

If you are transferring files from an old machine to a new machine, first backup files from your old machine using "Backup Files".  Remember the folder location of your backup.  It works best if you back up to a cloud folder such as OneDrive.

Then after installing our software to your new machine, click the "Import Files" button and navigate to the folder you backed up your files to.