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Form Filling Simplified
Now with new BS 7671 18th Edition Certification

Produce a wide range of professional looking certificates quickly and easily.

Create fully BS 7671 18th Edition compliant certification (BS 7671, BS 5839, BS 5266, PAT) quickly and efficiently. 

The software includes a range of innovative features to greatly speed up form filling.

  • Circuit Template Wizard for BS 7671 Certs (See Other Features below for screenshot).

  • Auto fill circuit numbers

  • Option to add data from individual manufacturers with own overcurrent protection values.

  • Populate single phase or 3-phase circuits quickly to certificate.

  • Auto calculates Max Zs values

  • Speed fill inspection schedule and observations.

  • Integrated Contractor database and stored electronic signature facility (see screenshot)

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Certificates included in software

Click to view a sample BS 7671 18th Edition EICR Form

(Note screenshots below show older Amendment 3 forms)

BS 7671 Electrical Forms 18th Edition BS 5839-1 2017 Fire Detection and Alarm System FormsBS 5266-1 2016 Emergency Lighting Forms

Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR)

  • EICR Preview

  • EICR Continuation Sheet

  • EICR Sub Dist Board Form

  • Small/ Domestic EICR Preview

  • Small EICR Continuation Sheet

  • Small EICR Sub Dist Board Form

Electrical Installation Certificates (EIC)

  • EIC - 3 Signatures  Preview

  • EIC - 1 Signature Preview

  • EIC Continuation Sheet

  • EIC Sub Dist Board Form

  • Small EIC Preview

  • Small EIC Continuation Sheet

  • Small EIC Sub Dist Board Form

Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificates

  • Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate  Preview

  • Minor Electrical Installation Multiple Works Certificate  Preview

Other Electrical Certificates

  • Observations and Recommendations Cont' Sheet  Preview

  • EICR Summary of Inspection Continuation Sheet  Preview

  • Domestic Visual Condition Report   Preview

  • Electrical Danger Notification  Preview


Fire Detection & Alarm System Acceptance Certificate 

Fire Detection & Alarm System Commissioning Certificate 

Fire Detection and Alarm System Design Certificate  

Fire Detection & Alarm Sys Ins & Servicing Report 

Fire Detection & Alarm System Installation Certificate 


Fire Detection & Alarm System Modification Certificate 

Fire Detection and Alarm System Verification Certificate

Fire Detection & Alarm System in Dwellings Certificate 



Emergency Lighting Completion Certificate  Preview

Emergency Lighting Periodic Inspection Report  Preview

Emergency Lighting Inspection Certificate


Other Features included in the BS 7671 Electrical Forms
  • Circuit Reference Wizard Quickly auto-fill circuit references with single phase or 3 phase numbering

  • Client and Site Database - to fill in the form in seconds

  • Calculate Maximum Zs values.  Then validates the Zs values entered in the test results section.

  • Continuation Sheets - create Continuation Sheet(s) automatically importing the relevant information from the main certificate.  You can merge them back into the main certificate later.

  • Sub Distribution Board button - create Sub Distribution Board Form(s) automatically from the main certificate. You can merge them back into the main certificate later.

  • Filldown facility - enables you to fill down common values down the table columns.

  • Auto copy C1/C2/C3 information to Observations area of the Electrical Inspection Condition Report form

  • Import Data from old forms. Information from previously saved Hollycroft software certificates can be imported to a new cert.  Data can be imported between EICR Reports to EIC Certificates and even from old PIR Report.  Old Max Zs values are auto adjusted to new 18th Edition values.

  • Save the forms to the cloud and share with your staff. 

  • Duplicate previous row facility for circuit and test result tables.

  • Facility to highlight cells and text in red.

  • Add electronic signatures

  • Auto Date Wizard   Add any calendar date or click for Today's Date.

  • Email certificates to your customers
    The certificates can be quickly converted to PDF for you to securely email to the client. 

  • Electronic signatures can also be inserted into the certificates and other parts of the software as necessary.  This enables you to a complete a fully electronic certificate to be emailed to your client.

  • Create templates of all of your certificates
    The software enables you to create customised templates of each certificate which can include your company letterhead, company details and test instruments plus any default information you wish to include.  You can also customise the form headings colouring to match your company letterhead colours.

  • Add Additional Observations pages and auto adjust page numbering (EICR)

  • Auto insert ticks or N/As to blank fields in Inspection Schedule.  
    Populate the inspection schedule blank spaces with N/As or ticks very quickly


    + Overprint onto NICEIC Certificates

    The software also allows you to overprint onto actual NICEIC certificates.  The forms are produced quicker and look more professional than hand filled forms.

    Click for more details

    + Visual Inspection Text Report Wizard - produce a text report very quickly from preformed paragraphs.

    + Portable Appliance Test Sheets  Click for more details


+ Advanced Electrical Designing Software
(Sold separately for 49)

Cable Sizing calculators
(see screenshot)


  • Single Core

  • TW&E


  • Conduit Sizing

  • Trunking Sizing

  • Load Diversity Calculator

  • Other useful features

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To talk to us about the software, please contact us.
or call us on 01455 891 869 or 07733 892 770.


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With BS 7671 18th Edition Certification


Includes a 2 computer licence

Note: The software requires a Windows PC/laptop/tablet running Microsoft Office 2007 or above. 
If you want to run it on a mac, please contact us for details.

This software also includes:

  • A FREE COPY of our popular Advanced Electrical Designing Software (worth 49)

  • Additional licences are 50 per machine.  Call 01455 891869 for details.

Form Filling Simplified is part of our comprehensive Electrical Contractor's Office package.  
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